Legal Department Outsourcing

Legal Department Outsourcing, or LE.D.O., is a unique, innovative service of Bekas & Associates, that combines the availability and dedication of an in-house legal team, with the advanced expertise of external legal partners.

Designed around flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness, LE.D.O. adds to your arsenal a team of business law experts, committed to developing solutions that best serve your legal and business objectives, from routine day-to-day corporate governance and compliance issues to complicated cross-border transactions.

LE.D.O. is ideal for

  • Small to medium- sized enterprises with no in house legal department.
  • Big enterprises that need to resort to the advanced expertise of external legal partners for demanding missions, such as mergers & acquisitions, crisis management, bankruptcy, restructuring,  etc.
  • Companies that require additional resources and external support by experienced legal partners to respond to litigation and dispute resolution cases.

What LE.D.O. offers

With LE.D.O., you have a highly specialized legal department at your organization's disposal, without having to manage one internally. Our in-depth experience in a broad range of industries becomes an integral part of your operations and planning.

Extending the client-centric philosophy we are well reputed for, LE.D.O. ensures our individualized attention and care. Whatever the legal task at hand, from routine day-to-day support to expert consultancy for most demanding projects, we are there for you, ready to listen, respond and deliver.


We are Legal Strategists. We listen. We advise. We partner.

Our highly skilled team of Associates comes from leading Greek and European Universities, particularly acclaimed for legal expertise, high professional and ethical standards, attention to detail and responsiveness.

This team remains always on the cutting-edge of legal developments, taking the time to study, track and anticipate changes in business law, regulations and precedent that could potentially impact our clients.


Since our founding in 2009, we have a strong reputation for helping small and mid-sized businesses, multinational corporations, banks, insurance companies and other private organizations across the nation, navigate legal challenges of every kind – from the seemingly routine to the extraordinarily sophisticated.

What is common among them? Our clients are entities that wish not only to obey the law but  recognize the practice of law as an opportunity to grow their businesses.