Bekas & Associates is a boutique Business Law Office with a strong reputation for helping businesses move forward.

By adopting new models for the delivery of legal services, we redefine the role that a legal consultant plays in the growth of a business, in order to produce truly exceptional results for our clients.

With our in depth expertise, collective know-how and straight-forward advice, we simplify the complex.

Because it is about your business; not our legalese.

Expanding Legal Possibilities. Exploring Business Opportunities.

What we stand for

We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we build with our clients, based on trust, integrity and effectiveness.

Whether we are helping a client to close an important business deal or litigating a challenging case in court, we take the time to understand our clients' unique goals, concerns and objectives.

Through our innovative scheme, we are always able to give our clients the individualized attention they deserve.

Client focused. Results Oriented.

Who we are

We are Legal Strategists. We listen. We advise. We partner.

Our highly skilled team of Associates comes from leading Greek and European Universities, particularly acclaimed for legal expertise, high professional and ethical standards, attention to detail and responsiveness.

This team remains always on the cutting-edge of legal developments, taking the time to study, track and anticipate changes in business law, regulations and precedent that could potentially impact our clients.

A committed team of
Legal Strategists.

Who we serve

Since our founding in 2009, we have a strong reputation for helping small and mid-sized businesses, multinational corporations, banks, insurance companies and other private organizations across the nation, navigate legal challenges of every kind – from the seemingly routine to the extraordinarily sophisticated.

What is common among them? Our clients are entities that wish not only to obey the law but  recognize the practice of law as an opportunity to grow their businesses.

From the start - ups to the most admired companies in Greece, we are proud of the diversity of our portfolio and the extraordinary loyalty of our many longtime clients.

Enterprises who wish to responsibly compete better.

Social responsibility

We are privileged to give back to our stakeholders and believe it is our responsibility to do so.

Thus, we encourage our associates to dedicate themselves to improve the community and help people in need by selecting their own Pro Bono.

Today, our Pro Bono clients include local nonprofit organizations, charities, foundations and a variety of individuals who could not otherwise be able to access top-quality counsel.

Common Ground. Uncommon Vision.